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Someone asked me.

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Bila nak kahwin ?

So, at what age you gonna married?

Ok, guys. This is my answer.


No. I dont even think of it . Afterall I dont see that Im too old for that. So stop asking me that question cos Im still 22 years old. Go back to me when Im 28 and still single thou.

Ok, to be honest dulu when my friends semua berpakat nak kawen , berpakat nak tunang paling meroyan adalah Yuyu Syahfiqah. Oh yes. Me. This is because time tu aku dah stop and fikir "Maigoddd dorang semua dah ada calon, what should I do? Even my mum asked the same question. "Dah ada calon?" No mama. Dont let me kahwin awal. There is a lot of things that I already plan for you abah and me myself.

Gosh, to be honest aku dah tak hairan dah dengan semua tu. Orang kata aku dah sampai kat satu tahap when love from someone is not my only harapan. I still need my mama abah kakak and friends . I still want their love. I dont want to share it to others. I still want to feel that way. Bila kau dah kahwin absolutely kau kena sayang laki ko right? Masa dengan parents kau pun dah kurang. Sebabnya maybe kau akan ikut your husband , jauh dari parents. Oh man. I cant imagine. Ok, how to tell ya?

Ok. Well, it is almost 5 years I study KL dan jangka masa tu terlalu lama untuk seorang remaja 18 tahun till 22 berjauhan dengan parent dia. Masa aku dengan family aku ... hm, too sad to tell. So, that's why I nekad nak be with them . Maybe after this I should tell my mum everything . I mean, start to let her know that Im not going to get marry at this early age. (after study)

So, the simple answer for everybody yang tanya ..

" Not yet, me dont think kawen is the best way for me right now."

Love , yuyu.

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