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After all this time, harini .. no this whole week I keep repeating on doin the same things.

Thinking bout you.

Entah dalam banyak-banyak hari , I managed to say NO even bila terlintas sikit. But this time, I let myself go with the memories. To be honest , it is so beautiful what we used to have back then. All those laugh, smile and sad memories. Ya rabbi.. :'(

If I had a chance, I will make you stay. No matter how much I put an effort to fight it. I just want to make you stay. If I ..

Every hours has come to this. All day reminding myself to be brave to let all those memori go.

But, I CAN'T .

It's always be you.

Much love, yuyu
to be continued.....

p/s : too lazy to write anything..

Being me is all I want.
I love to be good to others.
I love how I can get a smile back after giving a smile.
I love how people can laugh with me together.
I love to hear love story from my friends.
I love to make someone laugh.

And I love myself.

"God, tell us the reason why youth waste their young , without sharing their love to others? "

Selamat malam semua.

Hm, aku tak tahu kenapa aku nak menaip malam ni. Munkin effect dari Lost Stars tak lari lagi kot. So finally I chose to change my blog’s name as Lost Stars. Entah kenapa , aku rasa something happen. Aku rasa nak berubah . Dari segi macam mana aku tengok life aku sekarang. Macam mana aku nak react dengan kehidupan aku sekarang. Aku nak better life , like I really it so desperately. Seriously, me don’t want to get involve with those haters punya perangai I used to have. I don’t want to waste my life by not liking my own friends. Stop see the bad of this one particular person that you  had been dislike like all over the time. 


It is a brand new day. Start to see goods in everything .Stop complaining , stop chasing someone that don’t even try to appreciate you, stop being so stupid. It is you time , Yuyu. Prove to yourself that you can do it. It is time for me to grant my own wishes. Walk away , see nature and be in my own comfort zone. Do whatever that I love to do.

SO, we gonna do this Yuyu!  

Much love, me :D
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