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Well, sometimes life kita much different from others. Tapi kenapa kita kena lalui benda yang berbeza ? Bcos setiap manusia dicipta dengan different tahap kesabaran, tahap kematangan dan kekuatan. dont you ever asked for it.

Sometimes, memang . Memang benda yang kita alami sangat mencabar dan makes us down gila right? Tapi, apa je kita boleh buat selain menangis and share it to someone that we rely on? Guys, jom berbalik dengan asal kita. We are just a human. Allah's creation. Why dont we go back to Allah? Ask and pray for everything that you had been through. When you put Allah as your first choice, trust me there is no better place you would ever be.

Dalam hidup ini, xde benda yang I really want . I just want to be good for my parents especially. They are my only reason to be strong as what I am now. Ya Allah, kalau fikir balik I dont even realized how much I had gone throuh this past 4 years . How exactly I can face it all. Like, survived di tempat orang and being able to do anything that supposely done by some parents to their child. Oh come on, tell me. anak bongsu mana je tak manja dengan family. Tell me.

Kadang rasa jealous tengok my own sis. Dekat dengan mama like everyday..
Fuhh, I think I should stop typing..
Nak nangis rasa.. be continued

much love, yuyu

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